Pure Essential Oils For A Low Tox Life

Pure essential oils to help you and your family live a healthier, happier, low tox lifestyle.



After years of frustration with constant illness and ailments, my life-changing journey led me to the world of essential oils. I discovered the most beautiful pure and potent essential oils, doTERRA.

Are you tired of being tired? Do you want to lead a healthier life?  Are you interested in a low tox lifestyle for you and your family? I can support you on your journey to better health.





Pure plant medicine in the form of essential oils is a great way to combat ailments in the home. Great for sleep, digestion, gaining focus and pain relief. There are countless ways the powerful properties of oils can help.


Our lives are hectic sometimes causing stress, anxiety and a range of emotions and moods. Some essential oils have calming properties, ideal for easing tension and promoting clear, easy breathing.


The powerful properties of essential oils are great for our overall health and wellbeing. Think immune support, respiratory health, relaxation, muscle tension, mood and more.



Do you have acne, aging, dry or oily skin? Our skincare needs are very individual and so are the essential oils that can be used to help. When used carefully, essential oils have proven results to improve skin health. Let’s chat about the right oils for your skin and how to use them.


Freeing your home of chemical-based cleaning products is a simple way to a healthier home. Try using essential oils in the laundry, to sanitise the kitchen and to rid mould in the bathroom.  Different oils have their own specific properties. Join my newsletter and I will share some of my favourite cleaner recipes with you.


The doTERRA Enrolment Kit is a great way to get started on your essential oil journey.


Hi. I’m Bec, Founder of Bec’s Wellness Essentials, Mum, Wife and Health Enthusiast from Byron Bay.

I am passionate about empowering others to make conscious choices to lead a healthier, happier life! Through my own experiences I learnt to empower myself to make informed decisions for the health of my family and myself.

Essential oils play a big part. I love to incorporate them in almost every part of my life, replacing many products in my home with easy-to-make chemical free solutions.  I also like to add essential oils to cooking or raw treats for a boost of flavor as well as supporting my family’s health and well-being both physically and emotionally.

Essential oils changed the way I live, giving me the opportunity to follow my passion of a healthy, holistic and sustainable lifestyle. It is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

Come on the journey with me. Make a change for the better, empower yourself, prioritise health and make conscious choices to feel happy and content.

Bec xo



Why Doterra Essential Oils?

I have researched and tried many essential oils. Not all are created equal. To ensure you get the most benefit from your oils, I have chosen doTERRA for their high standard, ethical values and commitment to pure, quality essential oils. I offer a personalised service, so you can be confident of the best way to use your oils. Need help? Please get in touch.

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