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❋ My Journey ❋


I undertook a life-changing journey of discovery, which leads me to the world of essential oils. After years of frustration with constant illness and ailments, I soon realised it was up to ME to reduce the toxic load in my home which was affecting the health of my family and myself. This is when I discovered the most beautiful pure and potent essential oils on this planet!



My Journey.


Hi my name is Bec and I’m a mum, wife and health enthusiast from Byron Bay.

I am passionate about empowering people to make conscious choices and to live a healthier happier life! This passion is a result of my own experiences; how I empowered myself and learnt to make conscious choices for the health of my family and myself.

When I was a child I suffered a lot from tonsillitis, for years the first line of defence against tonsillitis was to prescribe antibiotics. However today we know that frequent overuse of antibiotics especially over a long periods increase the risk for antibiotic resistance as well as allergies and other problems. I received multiple courses of antibiotics before making it to my teens, unfortunately that changed the bacterial environment in my gut, which contributed to a lot of health challenges throughout my life.

My teenage years were really hard, not only was I trying to deal with being a teen but also I was always extremely tired with low energy, low mood, allergies, digestive issues, poor immunity and struggled to focus at school.

In my late teens I had moved out of home and was working. I was fed up with feeling so awful all the time and wanted to find out what was wrong with me and how I could improve my health. I desperately wanted to feel good and have lots of energy as this was suppose to be the best years of my life right? This decision kick started my focus on healthy foods that would help support my gut health and increase my energy levels. I would spend most of my lunchbreaks at the health food store and spent most of my pay on supplements and healthy organic food.


When I was pregnant with my daughter it was extremely important to me to eat really healthy as I was determined to give her the best start in life and didn’t want her to go through the same health issues that I went through.

I was also really concerned about the chemicals in the personal care and cleaning products and I didn’t want to expose my family to any of these products. After doing some research I quickly realized the massive impact these chemicals have on our body systems, hormones, gut, not to mention what is absorbed into your blood and brain. (Eek)

I would purchase most of the chemical free products from the health food store. This became really time consuming, expensive and some of them didn’t work very well. At the time I really didn’t feel as though I had any other option.

'the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step'

- lao-Tzu, philosopher

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I continued searching for chemical free cleaning products and natural health solutions; this is when I discovered the most beautiful pure and potent essential oils on this planet… doTERRA!!! When I found them I realised they could do so much more than I ever thought.

Essential oils have become a huge part of my journey to better health for my family and myself. I love to incorporate them into almost every part of my life; replacing most products in my home with easy make chemical free solutions; adding essential oils to cooking to help with digestion, immunity and give a boost of flavour and supporting my family’s health both physically and emotionally along the way.

These essential oils changed the way I live and have given me an opportunity to follow my passion, live a healthy holistic and sustainable lifestyle, which is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

Come on the journey with me, make a change for the better, empower yourself, prioritise health, make conscious choices and feel happy and content.

Bec xo